Men's Association Membership Information 2021


The 2021 Men’s Association Membership Fee is $175.00 (plus tax).   The renewal fee for current members is $150.00 (plus tax) if they renew prior to December 31, 2020.

To avoid deactivation from the men’s association handicap system, current members must renew no later than December 31, 2020.


    • 20% off posted green fees January 1 thru December 31 (not-transferable). See note 1.
    • 7 Days advance tee times.
      USGA Handicap Index. See note 2.
    • Eligible to participate in Monthly Tournaments/Events. See notes 3 & 4.

    Note 1. Good Standing: Members must be in good standing to receive the 20% green fee discount.
    Good standing means the member has played in at least 1/3 of the events from the time he joined the Men’s Association.

    Note 2. Handicap scores are updated each month to reflect current handicap index and course handicap.

    Note 3. If you do not have an established handicap, you will play at a “0” handicap until we have a minimum of scores posted.

    Note 4. Practice range balls are provided complimentary only during Men’s Association events.



An event fee is the current green fee with/without golf cart, less 20%, plus $20 “Game of the Day”* entry fee. Also, this fee includes a Pins & Skins Game. Skins are low, untied “gross” and “net” scores on each hole and pins are “closest to the hole” on all par-three’s. Note 1. Game of the Day winnings are posted as “credit on-the-books.” On-the-books credit may be used for merchandise, food, beverages and practice range balls only (credit cannot be used for green fees, renewal fees or lessons). On-the-book credit must be used by December 19, 2021; it cannot be carried over to the year 2022. Note 2. Pins and Skins are paid as cash awards.


Members may sign-up no later than 12:00 p.m. (noon), four (4) days in advance for the upcoming event (12:00 Noon on Tuesday for a Saturday event, and 12:00 Noon on Wednesday for a Sunday event).  Members may sign-up in person or by telephone.  Because of the “no-show” penalty, a member should not sign up another member without the other member’s approval.

  • No Show Policy:  Members who “no-show” more than twice throughout the year will be prohibited from participation in the Men’s Association and all privileges withdrawn. Members who cancel at least 24 hours prior to the tournament will not be charged with a “no show.”
  • Members wishing to participate in the Club Championship or the President’s Cup must be in Good Standing!
  • Caddies or Non-Members are not allowed during Men’s Association events.
  • Must be 18 years of age and have “No educational amateur status”.


Members receive participation and event place points.  The member with the most points at the end of the calendar year is the “Player of the Year” recipient.  Points are earned & won beginning with the first event in January through the first event in December.


Qualifications For Events​

Members wishing to participate in the Club Championship or the President’s Cup must have played in a minimum of five (5) events in which an individual score may be posted during the 2021 season.   NO EXCEPTIONS.

For New Members Only

In order to participate in the 2021 Match Play Event, you must have played in a minimum of five (5) 2020 Men’s Association events.


The “Player of the Year Award” goes to the member who earns the most points from The 500 Club Men’s Association Point System as described below. Points are earned & won beginning with the first event in January through the first event in December.


Participation2 points per event
Individual Events1st Place10 bonus points
2nd Place8 bonus points
3rd Place6 bonus points
4th Place4 bonus points
2-Man Events1st Place6 bonus points each player
2nd Place5 bonus points each player
3rd Place4 bonus points each player
4th Place3 bonus points per player
4-Man Events1st Place5 bonus points each player
2nd Place4 bonus points each player
3rd Place3 bonus points each player
4th Place2 bonus points each player
Match Play Event1st Place20 bonus points
2nd Place16 bonus points
3rd Place12 bonus points
4th Place8 bonus points
President's CupChampion20 bonus points
1st Place16 bonus points
2nd Place13 bonus points
3rd Place10 bonus points
4th Place7 bonus points
Club ChampionshipChampion28 bonus points
1st Place20 bonus points
2nd Place16 bonus points
3rd Place12 bonus points
4th Place8 bonus points

Note 1: Except for medical reasons, a player who withdraws during the play of an event will not receive any points for that event.
Note 2: A player who “No Shows” a tournament will have 4 points deducted from his point total.
Note 3: Players must withdraw no later than 24 hours prior to a tournament or they will be charged with a “No Show.”
Note 4: Participation points are not awarded for the Match Play event.


Prize distributions will vary depending on the number of entrants and the types of event (team or individual). The following is an example of a 150 player individual event:

1st Place Gross$65.001st Place Net$65.00
2nd Place Gross$50.002nd Place Net$50.00
3rd Place Gross$40.003rd Place Net$40.00
4th Place Gross$30.004th Place Net$30.00

Note 1: The above example denotes a payout in each of the 5 flights for that event. Size of field and payouts are subject to change.
Note 2: The handicaps for the flights will be determined the day before the event based on the number of entrants at that time. Every effort will be made to keep each flight of equal number of players and close to 30 players.
Note 3: The number of participants per flight may change due to cancellations, no-shows, and late entries.
Note 4: Participants may only win awards for either gross or net places – not both.
Note 5: All ties for places will be broken using the USGA recommended tie break system.
Note 6: In the event a player WD’s or is DQ’d, he will not be refunded entry fee money nor will he be eligible to receive any event winnings, skins, or pins.


The fees on event days will cover the cost of green fees less 20%, riding fee less 20%, range balls, and “game of the day” Prize fund of 20$. Green fees will very dependent upon the season.


As part of the 500 Club Men’s Association program, it is of the utmost importance that all participants understand and abide by the Pace of Play Guidelines set forth below. Regardless of playing ability, all players will be held to the same Pace of Play standard in all events.

Time Par

  • All groups are expected to complete 9 holes in 2 hours and 5 minutes. 18 holes in 4 hours and 11 minutes. The Time Par for each hole is listed on the golf course scorecard and is tracked on the GPS of the golf cars.
  • The first group of the day is judged solely on Time Par.
  • Groups can only be considered out of position (see below) if they are behind Time Par.

Out of Position

A group will be considered Out of Position when the group is behind Time Par and:
  • When on the tee of a Par 3 the group in front has left the tee of the next hole.
  • When on the tee of a Par 4 the group in front is on the tee of the next hole or further.
  • When on the tee of a Par 5 the group in front is putting on the green of the same hole.


First Offense:

 A group Out of Position will receive a verbal warning from a course official and the GPS system (if riding). After the first offense it is expected that the group will play ready golf and use continuous putting when possible.

Second Offense:

 If after two holes of the first offense the group is still Out of Position, then the group will receive a second warning. At this time, all players will be required to play “ready golf” and use the continuous putting rule when on the greens. Failure to do so will result in a two stroke penalty assessed on the hole of the infraction.

Third Offense:

A group that continues to be out of position after the first and second offense will receive a third notification two holes after the second warning. This group will lose tee-time privileges for the next event.


“Ready Golf” – Disregard the etiquette of honors. Hit the ball when you are ready.
“Continuous Putting” – Once you start putting, you must continue until the ball is holed.

2021 Men’s Association Event Schedule

SaturdayJanuary 9Individual Low Gross/Low Net
SundayJanuary 24Individual Low Gross/Low Net – White Tees
SaturdayFebruary 6Stableford
SundayFebruary 212-Man Better Ball
SaturdayMarch 6Individual Low Gross/Low Net – White Tees
SundayMarch 144-Man Progressive Best Ball
SaturdayMarch 27Member Guest Tournament
SundayMarch 28Member Guest Tournament
SaturdayApril 10Individual Low Gross/Low Net
SundayApril 25Individual Low Gross/Low Net – White Tees
SaturdayMay 1Individual Low Gross/Low Net & Match Play Qualifying Round
SundayMay 16Individual Low Gross/Low Net & Match Play Qualifying Round
SundayJune 6Individual Low Gross/Low Net
SaturdayJune 19Individual Low Gross/Low Net – White Tees
SaturdayJuly 32-Man International Stableford
SundayJuly 25Individual Low Gross/Low Net
SundayAugust 1Individual Low Gross/Low Net
SaturdayAugust 14Point Quota
SundayAugust 29Individual Low Gross/Low Net
SaturdaySeptember 11Men’s Association Championship
SundaySeptember 12Men’s Association Championship
SaturdaySeptember 254-Man 2 Net + 1 Gross
Mon.-Thur.September 27 through October 7Overseed Scheduled
SundayNovember 72-Man Better Ball
SaturdayNovember 20Individual Low Gross/Low Net – White Tees
SundayDecember 5President’s Cup
SaturdayDecember 184-Man Holiday Scramble (A,B,C,D blind draw) S.G. start


  1. Times on the sign-up sheet are not guaranteed. Players may get their assigned tee time by calling two (2) days prior to the event.
  2. Event Sign-up Deadline: 12:00pm, four (4) days prior to the event.
  3. Event Changes: Day/Date and Type of Event are subject to change.


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